5 Worst Pickup Lines To Use At O’Finnigans

3545788_ca5586b80c_oWe have all been in a situation when we have seen some loser trying to pick up women at bars with the cheesiest lines imaginable. I say we have all seen that because you would never have dared to do such a lame thing right? Ok, so with that out of the way let’s go on with the 5 worst pickup lines that someone could use on women when they are at a bar especially at a bar like O’Finnigans.

5-Were you just talking to me? No? Ok now it’s a good time to startThis line is so cheesy, so lame and so desperate that I would never even tell my worst enemy to use it. When you say this line you obviously fear rejection like a little girl and you are trying to deal with it by saying so dumb line to either get a laugh or be told to get lost. Basically this means you should avoid it ad keep your dignity.

4-I own a boat by the bay
If you really owned a boat by the bay you’d be hosting a party on your beat chump. Stop day dreaming and find a decent excuse to approach women. This is a line that gets guys rejected faster than applicants for the shark tank show.

3-Excuse me can you give me directions….to your house?
This one is going to make you sound like deranged stalked and you really want to avoid that. Women will be running the other direction if you use this line and maybe they will be running towards the nearest police officer.

2-Do you happen to have a band aid, because I hurt my knee falling for you?
Ok so out of all the cheesy and lame lines you could ever think of using, this might be the least pathetic and it’s been known to get a few women to chuckle, but she is guaranteed to still see you as an insecure little boy. You might get laid, but she will be using you just as much as you use her.

1-Are you dizzy? Because you’ve been circling my mind all day!
Wow, just wow…If you ever consider using this one, you can call yourself the kind of the losers. This will only get you laid if you are a celebrity and women will bypass the fact that you are an ass because they want to get it on with a celebrity.

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