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Let me introduce you to my girlfriend Carrie Okee. She’s beautiful, smart and just about the best….what? Oh, you didn’t come here to read about her? Well then, why are we here? Oh hold on. LOL silly me. I got my girl all confused with that great event at O’Finnigans: Karaoke Party! Now we’re talking.

There is nothing like the delightful Pub grub we feature. We have anything and everything your inner self is hungry for and we can make it any way you like. You like corned beef? Ours is made from scratch and slow roasted for seven hours. Our “handcrafted” french fries have a wonderful spicy garlic flavor and

Karaoke Party

Ever been to a Karaoke party? If not then you have no idea what you’re missing! I’m not talking about an everyday, ordinary Karaoke party either, i’m referring to and speaking of and laying the good vibes on you about a Karaoke party at O’Finnigans, one of the greatest party ideas evah!! What’s more fun

Popular Bar Drinks

The title can be a bit misleading because you know if O’Finnigans makes it it’s going to be popular. So let’s just assume these are all popular bar drinks at the most popular bar in Everett and take it from there. Everyone’s tastes differ so that’s a great reason O’Finnigans offers an incredible variety of

Cocktail Bar In Everett

O’Finnigans is the best cocktail bar in Everett. We don’t say that just to be saying it; it happens to be fact and here’s why: Whatever kind of cocktail you’re in the mood you will find here. Matter of straight fact, we are not like any other cocktail bar anywhere. We take great pleasure in

One of the funnest bars in Everett!

One of the funnest bars in Everett WA you say? You would be right if you mean O’Finnigans. Think of everything you like to do that’s fun and chances are good you’ll find it here. Games are everywhere; there’s pool, a punching bag machine, (show off your muscles, you know you want to, and the best

Irish Pub Food Photo

This Irish Pub menu at O’Finnigans in Everett has whatever soothes your palate from the best selection of beer and cocktails to some of the finest Pub food you’ll find anywhere! In the mood for some buffalo style chicken wings or some

The Official 12th Pub Graphic!

Watch the Seahawks at O’Finnigans Sport Bar Think about enjoying yourself with great food, great drinks, an amazing game and some of the coolest people in the world at your neighborhood sports bar. Guess what? You are at O’Finnigans if that is happening to you! O’Finnigans Irish Pub has the entertainment you’re looking for in a

Bar Sponsored Teams For more information you can Visit O’Finnigan’s softball team on Facebook or you can contact us here or call the bar. Visit O’Finnigan’s softball team on Facebook here.

Photo Of Karaoke Bar Singer

Did you know a karaoke bar can boost your confidence and sex appeal at O’Finnigans? Well it can and I’m gonna tell you why. People love singers. First merely getting up and singing along with your favorite tunes takes a whole bunch of confidence all by itself and just being at O’Finnigans puts you in