Big Game Bar Specials At O’Finnigans 2015

big-game-bar-specialsHey there people! Time to sell contact those loan sharks again to make some heavy bets for this super bowl!…..Just Kidding, you should play it safe and just have some fun at O’Finnigans and join us for some awesome Big game Bar Specials. This is going to be a great game with the Seahawks and the Patriots going at it while the world watches. We are going to have specials on February 1st, with Potluck at 1pm. Bring food and you will get all you can eat for free. There will also be half time football throw for cash and prizes in addition to these bar specials. The gorgeous and extremely talented Jim Beam Fire Girls will be at the pub at 3:30. They are enough of a reason for everyone to get to the pub and enjoy some shots.

There will obviously be some big screens for those who don’t want to miss out on the action. With 12 large TV screens and two 120” projectors that show the game uninterrupted. The halftime will be Katy Perry and Lenny Kravits, but for those who don’t care for either one, there will be plenty of beautiful people at the pub that day to have some fun and enjoy a good time.

For every Seahawk touchdown we will do 3 dollar touchdown shots and we expecting plenty of them for this game. You know that there is no other place on earth that you would rather be, so make sure you bring lots of hunger and thirst for these super bowl bar specials because you are going to have the time of your life at O’Finnigans on this next super bowl. You might even get to meet someone you will connect with and that is something that happens very often at the pub, or maybe you’ll just get drunk and have a full stomach while you have a great time with your friends of people you just met at the pub.

Never forget that in life you need to work hard to achieve success and the reason I say this is that you deserve a good break from all the hard work you do to get back on track after December and all the festivities that it brings. Now you are starting a new year and the super bowl is the ultimate break for fun and relaxation without having to spend a lot of money. O’Finnigans is the place you want to be for the Sunday event and you will always go back to this amazing pub to watch the super bowl, just like you will always come back for Halloween and other awesome festivities that become even cooler and more exciting when you spend them at O’Finnigans.

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