Halloween Party In Everett

O’Finnigans will always be the kind of place that throws the most amazing parties and this year is not going to be any different. We are planning an amazing Halloween party with plenty of surprises as well a wheel spin for 3$ shots every hour. We will have cash prices for those who wear the best

De-Stress At OFinnigans

People are constantly bombarded by stressful situations at work. Some of them because of their boss, others due to friction with coworkers and in some cases, they are simply overwhelmed with a lot of work and deadlines. The point is that this is the kind of stress that builds up and affect the general mental

Three tips for approach anxiety with women

Three tips for approach anxiety with women: Many of us have been in the following terrible situation at some point of our lives. We go to a bar and e spot a very hot woman that we would love to take out on a date. She is gorgeous, she looks at us for a second

We have all been in a situation when we have seen some loser trying to pick up women at bars with the cheesiest lines imaginable. I say we have all seen that because you would never have dared to do such a lame thing right? Ok, so with that out of the way let’s go

St Pattys Day Everett

St Pattys Day Everett Watch Khloe Get A Green Beer Shower On Youtube Courtesy Of O’Finnigans  She loves to frequent the Pub along with many other hot girls. St Pattys is a very important tradition that has been part of the Irish culture and it has actually been an official Christian feast day since the early

What is it about a singles Valentine’s Day party that gets people all worried about being able to share it with someone else? Is it the constant nagging from friends and family to see you involved with someone in order to be “normal”? or maybe because you don’t want to send that evening thinking about the

Bars Open On Christmas

Bars Open On Christmas: Yes O’Finnigans will be open this year for 2015! This is the story about a bunch of people in a town that had the most amazing Bar on the planet. They all felt bummed out because they are not going to be able to spend Christmas with their families and they

Karaoke Hosts

Let me introduce you to my girlfriend Carrie Okee. She’s beautiful, smart and just about the best….what? Oh, you didn’t come here to read about her? Well then, why are we here? Oh hold on. LOL silly me. I got my girl all confused with that great event at O’Finnigans: Karaoke Party! Now we’re talking.

Karaoke Party

Ever been to a Karaoke party? If not then you have no idea what you’re missing! I’m not talking about an everyday, ordinary Karaoke party either, i’m referring to and speaking of and laying the good vibes on you about a Karaoke party at O’Finnigans, one of the greatest party ideas evah!! What’s more fun

One of the funnest bars in Everett!

One of the funnest bars in Everett WA you say? You would be right if you mean O’Finnigans. Think of everything you like to do that’s fun and chances are good you’ll find it here. Games are everywhere; there’s pool, a punching bag machine, (show off your muscles, you know you want to, and the best