Karaoke Hosts On Steroids At O’Finnigans?

Karaoke HostsLet me introduce you to my girlfriend Carrie Okee. She’s beautiful, smart and just about the best….what? Oh, you didn’t come here to read about her? Well then, why are we here?

Oh hold on. LOL silly me. I got my girl all confused with that great event at O’Finnigans: Karaoke Party! Now we’re talking. I mean singing. In addition to the terrific playlist you’ll find at O’Finnigans the Irish pub with attitude features three Karaoke hosts who will blow you away with their enthusiasm and knack for creating a Karaoke Party unlike any other!

Let me introduce you to Robert Ancog. Robert is a lounge singer extraordinaire who’s never at a loss for words or music. As a Karaoke host, Robert raises the bar. Matter of fact you might want to ask him to lower it a bit so you can belly up to it and order your drinks, but you will be dazzled amazed and enraptured by Robert’s talents as a Karaoke host.

Karaoke Hosts With Talent to the 3rd Power!

This guy is so good he’ll play songs no one’s even written yet. How about that? The sheer energy level he brings is enough to light the stage all by his lonesome, a condition Robert doesn’t know a lot about, being such a handsome dude.

But wait, I have the proverbial more to enhance your Karaoke. Let me clue you in to our other Karaoke host, Adam Wegner. Let me warn you up front, this guy’s got a wicked edge of sarcasm. In fact sometimes he doesn’t just use the edge, he’ll hit you with the whole thing. Witty comebacks? Adam’s the man, but wait he’s got singing talent too. Great tunes? Yep. Adam brings the party so all you have to do is bring your vocal chords.

Adam’s pretty smart mouthed for a pretty boy, but trust me: it’s all in fun and that’s exactly what you’ll have with the swingin’ Karaoke hosts at our place!

As if two crackerjack pros like Adam and Robert aren’t enough, we have yet another musical maestro all set to make you forget you can’t carry a tune in a Gucci bag. Meet Scott Butterfield, AKA Scotty B. This guy’s so fresh the Prince of Bel Air tried to sue him for stealing his mojo. Scotty is an Eastside legend with a huge loyal following and if he’s very lucky they’ll never catch him.

Scotty B brings the excitement and fires up the Karaoke party like never before. With O’Finnigans patented unsurpassed playlist and terrific libations, adding Scotty in is almost too much but you‘ll be glad we did!

In fact you’ll be ecstatic we have three such talented amazingly entertaining gentlemen as Karaoke hosts. We can’t think of a better way to Karaoke!

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