Karaoke Party Anyone? O’Finnigans Awaits!

Karaoke PartyEver been to a Karaoke party? If not then you have no idea what you’re missing! I’m not talking about an everyday, ordinary Karaoke party either, i’m referring to and speaking of and laying the good vibes on you about a Karaoke party at O’Finnigans, one of the greatest party ideas evah!! What’s more fun than a couple of amazing cocktails imbibed right before you step on stage and sing Karaoke?

Their Karaoke parties are so spectacular and amazeballs that the caps key must be used on both parties of the first part. In other words funlovers, it’s a Karaoke Party!!! Lemme give you an example, as in what to do when you’re fresh out of party ideas and a whopper of a celebratory event has just occurred.

Let’s say you just got that big promotion you murdered your main competitor at work over. That calls for a celebration, right? Well expand your idea base right there, ya dig me? Forget your bowling parties or your drink until you can’t feel your lips festivals, those are so yesterday, What I suggest is the most fun you can possibly have with your clothes on.

At O’Finnigans you can drink of course, because everyone knows they have the rockingest drink menu in town, but forget the numb lips; you’re gonna need them alive and fresh to sing Karaoke so you can be the star at your Karaoke Party.

Also you’ll need at least half your wits about you so you don’t slur the words to the latest Adele tune. Hmm, on second thought that might be helpful with Adele songs. Okay, be armed with half your brain cells so you don’t slur the words to your favorite Beyonce or Young the Giant song. Sing Karaoke and the music world is your oyster.

Everyone loves music and everyone loves to sing, so what could be better than combining those two fun things into a massive party? Invite all your friends and you’ve got an audience good to go, and trust me having a support group along when you unleash your vocals on an unsuspecting world is a good thing.

A Karaoke Party is just right for achieving your fifteen minutes, and you know it’s your turn right? The Kardashians have been sucking up the undeserved fame for way too long so do us all a favor and claim your share, okay? Another thing the Karaoke spotlight will do for you is make you more attractive to the opposite sex and that is never a bad thing right? I mean what’s sexier than someone willing to brave the bright lights and be the center of bleary-eyed attention just to grab a few minutes of fame? Nothing I say!!!

The main thing to focus on is to celebrate your good fortune and your narrow escape from the police in style, and not just any style but Karaoke Party style! Mainly just celebrate your promotion, because everyone knows you just killed your competitor in your mind right?

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