Pool Lounge Billiard Rules: How To Keep Your Balls Straight

Pool Lounge Everett Pool Player

First let’s discuss Cutthroat. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? Well you’ll be relieved to know it does not involve knives. A special note to you guys: the only thing at stake in cutthroat pool are your balls. Feel better? Great! Now let’s figure out how to play.

First thing you’ll want to do is set your beer down. I know the delightfully cold brews they serve up at O’Finnigans pool lounge are wonderful but you’re gonna want both hands free to play your best. Ready? well in Cutthroat each player is assigned a set of numbered balls. The object is to be the last player with at least one ball still on the table. Tough huh? Oughta take you all of 20 seconds to master those rules, right? Okay now take a sip and proceed to run your opponents into the sawdust.

The Second Pool Lounge Game

A favorite! 3 -Ball and I know you men are thinking, “Bonus!” and some of you ladies too. Well back up a sec there partners and let’s discuss the game as it applies to lounge pool. 3-Ball is a game of played with any three standard pool balls and the cue ball. The goal is to pocket the three object balls in 5 shots. The break counts as the first shot & if you scratch you lose! It’s harder than it sounds. There ya go; you grasp the basics and then it’s time to beat everyone else in the bar. Well maybe not the sober ones but I know it’s part of your game plan to buy your opponents those few extra O’Finnigans drinks, the ones designed to give you that special edge AKA the ones that have some alcohol in them. Sheez! Do we have to spell everything out for you guys? If you’re interested in joining one of our Pool Teams, find out more. If you like drinking games you can read our funny article on our blog here

Just remember to get yourself down to O’Finngians pool lounge in Everett home of the finest pool players on my block and buy everyone a round or three then challenge them to Cutthroat or 3-Ball. You can’t lose! Even if you don’t win the game, you’ll be in the pool lounge at O’Finnigans!

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