Pub Grub Gets Constant Compliments At O’Finnigans!

Pub GrubThere is nothing like the delightful Pub grub we feature. We have anything and everything your inner self is hungry for and we can make it any way you like. You like corned beef? Ours is made from scratch and slow roasted for seven hours. Our “handcrafted” french fries have a wonderful spicy garlic flavor and we add a secret ingredient we could share with you but then it wouldn’t be a secret and what fun is that?

Pub Grub Made From Scratch!

Our slow roasted filet sandwiches are made from the finest premium sirloin steak and all of our meats come from local vendors. And we serve it on the best bread , buns and rolls you’ve ever tasted.

We make our salsa and ranch dressing fresh daily, in fact you won’t find anything as good as our salsa anywhere else. And just like our fine selection of meats all our ingredients come from local vendors. We prepare taco fillings fresh too and we always use our own custom seasoning blend. We go out of our way to provide you the greatest eating experience you’ve had in any pub anyplace.

We want everything about your Pub Grub experience to be something to tell all your friends about and with the talent in our kitchen and the unbeatable freshness and taste of our ingredients you’ll be telling strangers you pass on the street too. There’s a method here and it’s very simple: We want to make you a customer for life and we have the fun, games, drinks, big screen TVs, Karaoke and pool and foosball tables that’ll make you never want to leave.

I didn’t even list the food but that’s a huge reason people come in. They love what we’ve got cookin’ and you will too. You have to hit us up for happy hour! Imagine this great food and these incredible drinks for happy hour prices. Does it get better than that?

Well yes it does. You know O’Finnigans is the best place to come and hang with your friends, but we are also one of the finest eating establishments anywhere. It’s almost a shame to call it Pub Grub because it’s all that and so much more. I could talk all day but I’d rather be eating and that’s how you’ll feel once you’ve tried any of our house specials.

Got a large group? No problem! There’s always plenty to go around. An intimate dinner with someone you want to impress? Easy! We have the libations and the Pub Grub to satisfy anyone and we know you’ll never get it fresher anywhere.

Did I leave anything out? Games, music, big screen TVs, Karaoke, a massive playlist to Karaoke to, the most extensive drink menu you’ve ever seen and food, food, food. Nothing will make you happy like coming here. If you don’t have an incredibly great meal and more fun than you’ve had in years, you might want to check your pulse. There’s a chance you may be dead and not know it.

Nah, not even that will stop you from having a great time.  Oh & while you’re at it check out our Irish Pub Menu

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