Singles Valentine’s Day Party At Da Pub

singles Valentine’s Day partyWhat is it about a singles Valentine’s Day party that gets people all worried about being able to share it with someone else? Is it the constant nagging from friends and family to see you involved with someone in order to be “normal”? or maybe because you don’t want to send that evening thinking about the millions of people who will be having dinner with someone they love and then having wild sex all night? In any case, you will always find an excuse to look for someone on Valentine’s and we are here to make things easy for you.

Singles Valentine’s Day Party At The Greatest Pub In The Galaxy

O’Finnigans is coming up with the greatest singles Valentine’s Day party you could ever imagine. This is going to be a day for singles to mingle with other lonely hearts and perhaps find someone to share some good times with. There will be specials for those who enjoy drinking and also plenty of food if you want to eat at the pub and take the party home with your new found love later at night. We warn you that you might be all partied out by the time the night the pub is done, but you will probably have a new number on your phone list that you can call after you shake that hangover.

There is no other place you want to be during that lonely day than O’Finnigans singles Valentine’s day party. Once you enter the doors at the bar on Valentine’s you will feel relieved because there will be a huge pack of singles waiting to talk, share good times and god knows what else after you have enough drinks. Don’t forget your appointment with O’Finnigans on the day that everyone is looking for some love or at least to get drunk and hook up.

Here is a list of popular bar drinks to help encourage your date for a night of romance!


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