Sports Bar Sound System Louder Than The 12th Man

Watch the Seahawks at O’Finnigans Sport Bar

Think about enjoying yourself with great food, great drinks, an amazing game and some of the coolest people in the world at your neighborhood sports bar. Guess what? You are at O’Finnigans if that is happening to you! O’Finnigans Irish Pub has the entertainment you’re looking for in a pub. You didn’t know that? Well O’Finnigans is not just about fantastic drinks and great food oh no my friend. They have Karaoke, a DJ and of course they have all the Sports TV you can handle. Check it out: they run Seahawks games on 11 huge HDTVs and it gets better. They feed the TV audio through a state of the art sound system that includes a subwoofer that’ll make sure you hear and feel that 12th Man loud and clear.
Sport-barThe 12th Man is a long and proud Seattle tradition. Since Seattle got their first pro football team in 1976 the fans have been showing their support very audibly. So audibly in fact that the NFL enacted a noise rule in 1985. HA!! They don’t know us Seahawks fans very well because the 12th Man gets louder every year and shows no sign of stopping.
Things get so loud that even the most crowded heavy metal concert with free beer and a huge mosh pit while featuring the top 10 greatest bands of all times cannot hold a candle to the noise pollution that comes out of O’Finnigans on game day, nothing holds a candle to it!
There is truly no better place for you to enjoy the most powerful and awesome football team in action. You might be thinking why we are so full of ourselves at O’Finnigans, but we are not full of ourselves at all. When you are the very best at something, you simply are the very best and there is nothing behind it except total honesty. We are an unbeatable pub with unbeatable drinks and unbeatable food. Did I mention we are unbeatable?

This Sports Bar Is Louder

To give you an idea where the 12th Man stands on the loudness scale, an aircraft carrier flight deck blasts out 140 decibels of ear-shattering sound. The 12th Man CenturyLink Field record is 137.6 decibels! You hear that Seattle? Now imagine yourself in O’Finnigans Sports bar on game day. Well it’s just like being there at CenturyLink except with much better food and a huge drink menu!
Keeping up with the excitement you are going to be feeling on game day is only going to be matched by some strong drinks and some heavy duty food. We will help you get stuffed on both, but don’t get too drunk until the game is over. You don’t want to miss out on the action. Wait, on second thought, don’t get too drunk period because we don’t want to have to be carrying you out of the pub into a cab and all that stuff. What a hassle! Be responsible, or well, just don’t be responsible. We are happy to have you on board either way.
Don’t forget O’Finnigans is also a full service Karaoke Bar and includes a DJ spinning the music you love and let’s be honest. After a couple O’Finnigans drink specials you’ll love ALL the music. Karaoke? You know you’re the champ and when you bring your posse along you’ll belt out all those fantastic crowd pleasers.
So that’s it gang. O’Finnigans Irish Pub is the best place to go for entertainment, from sports on 6 big screen HDTVs to Karaoke to the greatest assortment of DJ hits in the Northwest. Next game day don’t just sit at home get up get out and go find your friends at O’Finnigans.
Imagine being at home for such an important game. You could get a call from your parents, or from a friend, or even worse, an unexpected visit that will force you to open the door and act politely while you look for a way to tell people to leave you alone because you want to watch your game. All we can say is…why would you even consider putting yourself through any of that?!

Just follow the loud cheers!

The Official 12th Pub Sports Bar in EverettYes, you heard that correctly, if doesn’t matter if you are on the other end of the city, all you have to do is follow the loud cheers and the smell of awesome food and D-licious drinks and you will find yourself at the greatest pub in the universe. Let your instincts guide you padawan. The death star is no longer a treat and this ain’t Kansas no more Dorothy. See, that is the kind of nonsense you will be saying when you have a few of our special drinks, but we guarantee you will be happy as hell! Wait, hell is not a happy place, but we believe that even the good old horned one would turn into a white and bright angel and ascend into the heavens back to the celestial realms and….wow. That is a perfect example of the kind of crazy talk that goes on at our pub because the food and drinks are just so good. Let’s focus on the subject here. Seahawks, game, loud, drinks, cool, awesome people, drinks, wait, we already said drinks, food, beverages, well that is just a fancy way to say drinks and all at the coolest sports bar in the world.
Come over, join the fun, experience the thrills, call the other team names, hit on someone you find hit at the bar, get rejected, drink some more, enjoy the rest of the game and just have the most fun you ever had in your entire life because that is what every single person that comes to our site does.
There is so much potential for the Seahawks that every fan is going to be glued to their seats and their BBQ ribs while they chug on a delicious cold and golden beer. There is no better life than a life that is enjoyed at the greatest pub in the planet and O’Finnigans is that pub, so you already know that staying at home is not an option. Being at O’Finnigans is the only option you could ever choose.



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