Three Tips For Approach Anxiety With Women At O’Finnigans

Three tips for approach anxiety with womenThree tips for approach anxiety with women: Many of us have been in the following terrible situation at some point of our lives. We go to a bar and e spot a very hot woman that we would love to take out on a date. She is gorgeous, she looks at us for a second and we feel like we are in love, but when we start to take a few steps towards this goddess, we start to feel like our knees are getting weak and we start sweating like crazy. For some guys this can be so severe that they even feel sick to their stomach.

What you are experiencing if this happens to you is called anxiety and this can be the number one enemy of the seductive game. Three tips for approach anxiety with women. When you go to a bar you either get drunk enough to approach women, or you control your anxiety and you learn to come out as a strong guy who is not afraid to talk to beautiful women even if he hasn’t had a single drink. O’Finnigans has some of the best looking women in the universe and this is the reason why so many guys puke their guts out due to their anxiety levels. This is something that you can learn to control with 3 simple tips.

Three Tips For Approach Anxiety With Women

The first one is to look your best when you go to a bar. This is going to give you a confidence boost. You should also smell your best. If you have sweaty and smelly armpits, your anxiety will rise because you will be afraid that she will smell the stench. The third and most important is that you should avoid drinking. This is the most crucial step in getting rid of anxiety. Why you ask? Because if you always drink to suppress anxiety, you are never really becoming a stronger man, you are just hiding behind the effects that alcohol has.
So stop being a wimp and get near the babes without a drink in your system. Once you get to know them, then you can both start drinking until she finds you attractive enough.

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